Watch Photography

We pay great attention to detail ensuring we deliver the highest quality watch images. Taken with the latest digital equipment, the 40Meg high-resolution images will showcase your timepiece in all it's glory.

Experienced watch photographers

At Studio Packshots, we have worked with some of the country's leading Jewellery retailers to produce stunning watch photographs. Over more than 30 years of shooting high quality products and packshots we have built up an impressive portfolio covering a huge range of timepieces, from high end to budget watches. Working to your brief, We aim to use our extensive knowledge of the sector to provide images that will provide the perfect platform with which to showcase your brand.

Quality watch photographs without shadows and reflections

Watches can be difficult to photograph because of the reflective nature of the product. That's where our experienced photographers are able to set up the studio lighting in order to create some stunning results, eliminating reflections and providing an even lighting across the whole product. We can also provide after shot retouching in order to eliminate any imperfections and get the most out of your images.

360 degree Watch Animations

For those who require a more interactive solution, we offer 360 degree animations of your product. Our studio has a specialised set-up allowing us to take multiple high resolution images to create a 360 degree interactive image of your watch, with the ability to pan and zoom showing every detail of your product from any angle.


We have the ability to provide you with your watch images as we shoot them by either email or web delivery. Turnaround times can vary based upon the quantity and products being shot. Please complete our quotation form and we will speedily get back to you with a cost and time.


We understand the importance of handling high value items. That's why as specialists in Watch and Jewellery Photography we have specialist insurance that covers your valuables whilst in our care. Please give us a call on 0116 2692017 to discuss the cover we can provide.