Amazon Specification Photography

Amazon Seller Central requires that product images meet their strict standards in order to appear on their site. Not meeting these standards can prevent your products being listed on one of the biggest online retailers.

Why do my Amazon have a Product image specification?

Amazon have set these standards to ensure that all their products appear clean, crisp and accurately represent the product whether the customer is browsing on a desktop or mobile device.

High quality Product Photography for Amazon

Having photographed a range of products that have been listed on Amazon, our experienced team will ensure that the images provided meet the highest standards for uploading to Amazon.

  • Images can be provided in any of the following formats which are accepted by Amazon for upload: JPEG (preferred), TIFF, GIF or PNG.
  • Images can be provided with the correct naming structure, ready for upload to Amazon*
  • Products are shot on a pure white background, with realistic colour and smooth edges.
  • The product will fill 85% or more of the frame.
  • The image will have a minimum width or height of 1000 pixels as this will enable zoom function to appear on the Amazon website, which can help enhance sales.


We pride ourselves in our ability to provide quality images to our customers at speed. We can provide you with your Amazon ready images. Please complete our quotation form and we will speedily get back to you with a cost and time.

* In order to correctly name the images so they are ready for upload to Amazon, we may require some product details prior to photographing the product.