Product Photography and more at Studio packshots

Specialists in creative and packshot photography for websites, printed media (magazines, leaflets, brochures), exhibitions and originators of online movies to explain all about your product, how it works and all the benefits.

Fine tuning our photographic skills for over 30 years, we have the knowledge and the specialist skills to capture great shots no matter what the product is.

From cars, washing machines, electrical components, hot and cold food, and clothing to high quality diamonds, jewellery and watches, you name it, the chances are we have photographed it.

The majority of our packshot photography is undertaken in our studio, located on the outskirts of Leicester in the East Midlands.

We can supply images in your preferred format (TIFF, RAW, JPG, PNG, etc). We also provide specialist retouching services, ensuring all details are brought to life where required. In the case of website photography, we like to establish a consistent style so the products on your website are displayed in a consistent manner.

Understanding your needs

When we undertake a shoot, our aim is to capture your exact requirements to ensure we provide the best results.

We are happy to provide help and advice on all of requirements below if you are unsure.

  • Style of Photography
    We will determine the type of imagery (lifestyle, packshot). Ask for any example of the style you would like to achieve.
  • Background
    The type of background required, white or specific material wood, slate, tiles, and many more. We have a collection of materials we can use to help showcase your images.
  • Lighting
    What type of lighting is required, a soft light for gentle shadows or a hard light to show of certain details, type of lights source (temperature of light if required). Number of single lights with specific shadow detail (as an example, one of our specialities is photographing diamonds with which we have a skill of showing off the sparkle with and also highlight hard edges of the cut).
  • Scamps or Visuals
    If the product is to fit in a specific piece of artwork, magazine, poster or other printed media.
  • Props
    Anything required to help show off your product. We have a collection of items so feel free to ask as we may already have something you can use.
  • Models, Stylists and Makeup Artists
    We can provide specialist models, stylists and make-up artists if required.
  • Professional Retouching
    Such as removing unwanted marks, cut out, change colour levels, saturation and duotone image colour matching.
  • Text/Copy
    Do you require any text or copy on the image? (Sizes/dimensions in the case of Amazon and eBay.)
  • File Type
    How you would like your files supplied (RAW/JPG), specific pixel dimensions or DPI, depending on what media the images are used for as we can often offer advice about the best way to supply files.
  • Compression of Images
    We can optimise the file size of your images with minimal quality loss to ensure fast website downloads.
  • Image Metadata
    Makes it easier to get your image listed in search engines.

We also provide 360-degree photography for your website and movies to help to show off the detail in your products.

Good images are proven to help showcase your products. We can supply high quality photography at affordable prices that you will be surprised at.

We are also looking for long term partnerships with agencies and businesses where working together can improve the quality of your photographic requirements and reduce your costs.

Please either call 0116 2692017 or complete the quotation form for a quick quotation 😃